Freeride Series Stop #1 Snowbird Finals Results

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Women’s Snowboard

亚洲城赢钱1. Audrey Hébert, 112.50

2. Erika Vikander, 110.17

3. Robyn Borneman, 109.33

Women’s Ski

1. Ashley Bembenek, 131.33

2. Kele Thorsen, 129.00

3. Alaina Huestis, 127.67

Men’s Snowboard

亚洲城赢钱1. Jonathan Penfield, 67.33

2. Harrison Fitch, 66.33

3. Cooper Kahlenberg, 62.00

Men’s Ski

1. Grant Howard, 75.00

亚洲城赢钱2. Lars Chickering-Ayers, 74.00

亚洲城赢钱3. Andrew Pollard, 72.67

SNOWBIRD, UTAH (Feb. 8, 2015) – Athletes came out to win today on the classic North Baldy venue at the 2015 Subaru Freeride Series (SFS) final day of competition. A day of big tricks, huge hits and extreme competition marked the first stop of 2015 SFS where athletes competed for points to be crowned the Freeskiing World Tour and Masters of Snowboarding champions at the end of the season.
After Friday’s competition was cut short due to 120 mph gusts and Saturdaywas announced as a weather day, athletes were excited to come out to a beautiful sunny day with a high of 40 degrees. Several hundred spectators enjoyed the warm weather as athletes took to the venue that was boney, technical, and full of features for athletes to explore. Action began with men’s ski and snowboard semis, which due to time constraints, became final results. It was Grant Howard who won over the judges and crowd finishing first in men’s ski. “Grant Howard had a super fluid, playful run with three big 360s-just beautiful riding,” said head judge Eric Schmitz.
In men’s snowboarding semis/finals, it was Snowbird local Harrison Fitch, 19, and Jonathan Penfield who took the show. Fitch did a never-before-in-competition front side rodeo-7 that blew the crowd away. But it was Penfield with his super fluid run and double drop at the bottom that took the win.
“I’ve competed in every snowboard competition MSI has put on,” said Penfield. “By combining the Masters of Snowboarding with the Freeskiing World Tour, we get to ride alongside skiers and get inspired by each other’s style.”

Since women ski and snowboard competed on Friday亚洲城赢钱, their finals were based on a combined score of the two days. The top three women maintained the points to podium, but it was Freeride Series veteran Crystal Wright who had the “winning run of the day,” according to Schmitz, with a huge, bold straightline air at the bottom that earned a major Sickbird nomination. Ashley Bembenek from Crested Butte, skied a fast, solid line to maintain her first place semi results for the win.

“I grew up ski racing with the ladies who took the top four places today,” Bembenek said. “It’s great to return to our stomping grounds here at Snowbird for the first comp of the season.”
In women’s snowboarding, Audrey Hebert, took the win as the sun was setting with the biggest move in the middle of the venue and a solid, fluid whole run.

The Sickbird award winners both went huge. Connery Lundin did a massive flat-3 with a Japan grab and stomped it. Fitch won the crowd with the front side rodeo-7. “I tried it last year at Crested Butte with a 5, and wasn’t satisfied with what I did, but that was the first time I made finals, so I was stoked at the time, he said. “[This year] I decided I needed to do something big.”

Little Cottonwood Canyon local, Grant Howard, also earned The North Face Young Gun Award. The award is granted to the most impressive up and coming athlete under 20 years old who exemplifies sportsmanship and passion for the mountains.

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